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Sounding Board Music Therapy exists to serve our clients through authentic, practical and creative pathways that enable them to grow. Through high-quality music therapy practice, creative resources, musical and artistic input, we work with clients to develop their skills and abilities.

SBMT Core Values

Authenticity – We show our authentic selves in our work, sharing with our clients parts of who we are so that they can grow. We offer an authentic service whether that is through well planned and produced resources, music, music therapy or supervision services. We aim to enable others to be their authentic selves with their own voice.


Creativity – We approach our work in a creative way, we will always work out the best solution for you even if it isn’t the most obvious option. We provide creative approaches to our work and encourage our clients to be creative as well.


Service – We aim to serve to the best of our ability, through well planned and executed music therapy services, high quality musical and artistic input and through resources that enable others to work well. We put our clients first.

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