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Beautiful To Me - A Moment of Connection

Throughout this year I have become more aware of the need to create, grab and treasure moments of connection with others. This not only develops relationships and gives joy but it also feeds my soul and allows me to smile and grow. As a mum, business owner, musician, therapist and wife my capacity for life is forever stretched so when I had to spend time sitting with our new baby this year in the special care unit, watching him stuggle to breathe, I had to stop and figure out how to connect with our little boy.

As a Music Therapist my go to for connection is music so, as I could, I began to sing, humming, vocalising and then singing some very simple words to my son:

You Are Beautiful to Me,

You Are Beautiful to Me,

From your head down to your toes, your eyes, and ears and mouth and nose,

You Are Beautiful to Me.

When you smile , the whole world smiles with you,

When you cry, I'll cry with you,

When you move around I'll move wth you,

You Are Beautiful to Me

The interesting thing, looking back at this time, is that this little song not only created connection for my son but also for myself at a time when I neded it just as much as he did. Also interesting is that as the year has progressed we still sing this song, and it's become a special activity for us, a way to calm, to stop and to smile together.

My response to this moment has shown me that we all need connection with others, whether that's in a song, a shared activity, a ph call, a message, a social media post. Is there some way that you have connected with others in a special way this year?

And as the year ends is it time to connect with others again, to remind those you love that they are Beautiful to You? Could you send a message, make a call or spend some time together? Or do you need some connection in this season, could you reach out to a friend or a loved one and make that connection again.

This song may have come from a mother's moments of connection with her son but it can also show others how connection is so important to us all. Have a listen and know that you are known and beuatiful to someone!


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