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To stop moving or become immobilised.

If we are completely honest most of us are not very good at actually freezing - stopping our movement or our busyness and just being still.

When we have constant demands on time and energy just stopping can be difficult.

But the beauty is when we stop, freeze and then take some time to thaw out we can discover a whole new perspective on the things that are overwhelming us.

While the song Freeze! Is primarily for children, the concept of stopping suddenly to listen, pause and take a breath is one that we can all learn from.

How are we feeling when we freeze?

How easy is it to balance while standing still?

What is causing us to topple or to be overwhelmed?

In learning the concept of stopping through a very simple song we can all learn a profound life skill - the ability to pause, breathe and reset so we can move forward well.

In learning to 'freeze!' we can learn to stop and take some deep breaths, to take a break and reconnect with the things that bring us joy, or just to stop and feel the sun on our face, to listen to a favourite song or to give time to catching up with a dear friend. Then as we thaw we can notice the world in different and exciting ways with a little more new found energy and grace.

So as you dance through this song - or through your day - take a moment to Freeze! And allow the moment to speak well into your life.




Megan Spragg is the Director of Sounding Board Music Therapy and a Registered Music Therapist, based in Melbourne, Australia and trained in New Zealand. Megan has worked within both education and community settings for over 20 years and has a passion for working with clients with complex high health needs. She works with both Children and Adults and loves to use music to enable people to do things they didn't think they could. She is the director of Sounding Board Music Therapy Services, and is excited to resource therapists, parents, carers and teachers in their ongoing work.

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