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New Year = New Beginnings

2021 has started and like many others here's hoping for a smoother year than 2020. If you are like me then the start of the year is always a time of looking forward, organising and thinking through plans for the year ahead.

However in looking forward and beginning the planning process , looking back at the year that was can be a good place to start. I can see that although the things I had been aiming to focus on seemed to have been pushed aside actually most of them progressed or journeyed forward in their own way throughout 2020. Some actually were achieved in quite spectacular ways! And it's refreshing to see that as I am able to be a little objective I can see that 2020 wasn't a wasted year at all but rather a year that took a fair amount of unexpected and exciting turns along the way.

So how does this looking back help us look forward?

  1. Looking back shows growth.

  2. Looking back shows where more development is needed.

  3. Looking back gives us a sense of amazement at how far we have come.

As we look back and become a little more objective about the past year we can begin to think ahead with a clearer outlook, less distractions and more confidence. One way that might help us look at our 2021 thinking/planning/goals is to follow some simple steps and not get too distracted by the details.

  1. What have I already accomplished?

  2. What do I want to take forward with me into 2021?

  3. Are there any specific things that need to be completed with so I can move forward?

  4. What are the top 3 things I want to move forward in this year?

  5. What word would describe the past year (2020) and what word do I want to describe 2021?

If any of these steps could help you in your thinking then use them and grow! As I look forward into 2021 I am reminded that the word that comes to mind for 20

20 was GROWTH and out of that comes the word I'd like to describe 2021 - BLOSSOM!

Happy New Year All!!

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