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Something to do with the little one

As 2020 has staggered on, here in Melbourne we have been, like many others, working from home, entertaining a 3 year old and attempting to not go stir crazy as we wait out this year and the COVID-19 crisis endurance event it has become.

Although there have been many, many rough days there have also been some beautiful moments where music and art have combined to bring joy and laughter into our house. As we begin to resume some contact with others I have realised we also need to make sure we continue the creative fun at home to lift our spirits, create some joy, teach our daughter how to be resourceful and to be able to most importantly share beautiful time together without the pressure of everyday stuff getting in the way. Does this resonate with you at all?

One activity we have enjoyed together has been making our own drums out of cardboard tubes of varying sizes, balloons, paint, washi tape and lots of glue and blingy stickers. While this may sound like a complete mess or nightmare to some of you the experimentation of how different tubes make different sounds, keeping decorations on the tube and not too far off the table, imagining varying ways to decorate and deciding wha colours, decorations, balloons to use not only kept the little child busy for a morning but also allowed us to share the discovery of colour and excitement with her. Children learn by playing, experimenting and figuring things out, they don't always need a plan, perhaps a guiding adult is sometimes helpful and certainly does limit the mess but the joy of discovery is something quite amazing to behold. As is the realisation that because she worked it out she can now choose quite easily from a range of colours, and name them, she can tap the drums and state very proudly to her grandparents via facetime that these are 'my drums' and she can ask me 'Mummy can you take a picture?'

Is there something you could make together at home - a picture, a drum, a shaker with some buttons and a jar ? Are you ok with letting your child lead you through the happy chaos of creating and enjoying the moments together? Sometimes it's hard to let go of our adult expectations and stay focused in the moment but the rewards are so great!

If you want to have a go at some drums, here is a picture and some very basic instructions for you. Enjoy :)

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