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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

How often do you get told you're doing a great job?

Recently I've been thinking a lot about this, as the COVID 19 pandemic continues to create chaos and disruption to our normal way of being and as the work/life balance has become increasingly difficult to maintain. It has been incredibly easy to get into a worn out, tired and more negative way of thinking - 'this is hard', 'why can't people understand what I'm doing', 'why does change take so long', 'I can't be very good at this', and on and on and on the list of statements goes in my head. However, thankfully, it can only take a very small thing to intersect this thought pattern and set one into a new much more positive frame of mind and therefore state of being.

For me this was a colleague who sent a message after observing an online session saying 'You're really good at this working online thing - the rapport you have is amazing, your session was full of joy and everyone was noticed and excited!' Wow! was this life-changing for me! I certainly wasn't feeling very joyful after more weeks in lockdown than I could count and a workload that was getting very overwhelming. Suddenly I realised that there was good, even great things about what I was doing and the impact I am having.

So how do I stop myself going down a cycle of negative thoughts and start being affirmed in my work, my life and my self? As I've pondered this question I've realised a few things that are really helpful for me.

  1. I can be grateful for all the amazing things I have and I can start feeling this way by making a point of saying one thing a day that I am grateful for.

  2. I need to value what I do - take note of the moments that make me smile in both my work life and my home life and remember them.

  3. I can ask for honest feedback from colleagues and family and take what they say on board.

  4. I can start affirming others -through sending a message, a card or picking up the phone. Making a point of telling people why I think they're doing a great job also makes me feel good.

So here's to staying on track with a positive mindset and to helping others feel affirmed as well! And just to bring us all some joy I'll share with you a video of one of our new songs that always brings a smile in every session. Try using it at home with the kids or even just with yourself for a bit of a giggle!

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